Get Full and Partial Dentures in Presque Isle, ME

Visit Nu-Tek Denture Clinic

Gary and his technicians at Nu-Tek make each set of dentures in-house. When you choose us to create your prosthetics, you’ll benefit from:

  • Short waiting times. Our start to finish process is significantly shorter than most other local options.
  • Substantial savings. Since we can complete your dentures quickly and locally, you won’t have to pay as much for them.
  • Long life cycles. We take pride in the quality construction of our dental appliances, providing above market quality and care.
  • Flexible appointments. We’ll work around your schedule.
  • Insurance reimbursement assistance. We’ll discuss this with you during your consultation.

You’ll have a dazzling smile once we’ve fit you with your dentures. Call 207-764-4423 now to schedule a consultation in Presque Isle, Maine.

We’ll explain everything you need to know

At Nu-Tek Denture Clinic, we’ll educate you on all of your options in regards to removable dental appliances. We’ll discuss your budget and lifestyle to determine the materials to use for your dentures, We strive to offer custom dentures with individualized care and treatment planning.

Visit our denturist office in Presque Isle, Maine to get dentures that will restore your smile, and your confidence.

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