Why Hire a Licensed Denturist?

The staff at Nu-Tek Denture Clinic specializes in dental prosthetic design and maintenance. We focus solely on those needing removable dental appliances. Whether it’s a place to start your treatment or if you have had dentures for years, our licensed denturist is:

  • Reliable and affordable
  • Skilled in denture design, creation, insertion and adjustment
  • Devoted to helping you maintain a healthy smile
  • While providing above market quality

You can trust us to construct your dental prosthetics in house at our office in Presque Isle, Maine. We make sure to fit your expectations, budget and comfort. Call 207-764-4423 now to schedule a consultation.

Enjoy personalized, professional and caring atmosphere

When you visit Nu-Tek Denture Clinic, you’ll work with Gary and his team who will fabricate your dentures to meet your needs. You shouldn’t have to feel ashamed of your smile. Our motto “restoring smiles, restoring confidence” will be accomplished in a comfortable, confidential and individualized atmosphere.

Visit our denturist office in Presque Isle, Maine for a consultation to start the process.

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